Djeffrey Jean - Philippe

Jeff Jean Philippe is the founder/ Artistic Director / Choreographer of The Expressive Movement.

Jeff, a versatile artist, is quickly becoming one of New England’s premier Hip- Hop/Dance teacher/Educator and choreographers. Originally from Montreal, Quebec, Jeff grew up moving a lot from state to state, city to city as a child.  Went to Dean College for Criminal Justice degree, and minor in dance. Graduated at Plymouth State University with a Criminal Justice degree, but no dance degree. Throughout college Jeff fell in love with the idea of dance in his life and decided to adopt as much knowledge as he could. Jeff always received his training and lessons from classes or workshops , auditions, and even getting into companies and adopting as much as he could whether he had no, to very little training, he was always willing to learn, fail, and then succeed in the long run. In any area he saw himself getting into with any form of dance. Jeff’s’ passion for the art of dance grew quickly while studying under some of America’s top and original Hip- Hop teachers, including: Super Dave, Jamar Hopkins, Brian “Footwork” Green, Henry Link. His training in hip hop culture and dance is extensive and includes dancehall, break- dancing, Chicago footwork, house, popping, locking, whacking, Afro-house, Krump, and even more! Then 2012 Jeff always had an idea of always wanting a group with a family orientated atmosphere to travel and perform and grow and dance with. Therefore he then had an idea that came to life (with the help of his former friend Jocelyn Smith) and decide to create series of workshops which lead to a few people becoming a group of dancers that lead to what we have today called, The Expressive Movement.

His high-energy / self-evolving classes have a strong focus on Hip-Hop technique and contemporary elements, as well as a explorer of Gaga movement; thus explaining a term he co-coined, “Temphopical”, pronounced: Temp-hop-ickle. (The fusion of contemporary, hip hop and lyrical) together. Focusing, not only on the movement but the breath between each movement as well as the intention behind all movements from big to small, fast to slow, and meaning through feeling or energy.

Being an innovator Jeff has also recently developed "Kimpada". A ballroom/partner dance for similar and related to the Caribbean cultures, as well as other ballroom styles (like bachata, salsa, Pasada, Kizomba Lindy-hop, swing, etc). Focusing on partner work, becoming one with the other human you are also sharing the dance with. With this being one of the only dances not only with the male being able to lead but as well as the woman able to direct the movement and flow of the style as well! 


Jeff continues to teach a series of classes, workshops, conventions and colleges throughout the East Coast and canada, and abroad; Jeff also judges at various dance competitions as well. Even though he has performed with numerous local dance companies, in commercials, tv shows (SYTYCD season 12, top 30), as a backup dancer, in musicals, and Ballets.

He really takes pride in himself performed professionally on multiple occasions in The Nutcracker and Hairspray, and in commercials such as Twix , Skippy Peanut Butter, Nestle Inc. , Nerf, and iTunes. He has done video work for Ryan Lewis, Macklemore, and Jillian Jensen, and more. Jeff enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion for the art by inspiring young dancers, as well as Adults and teaching conventions with Nexstar, Sophisticated Productions, DanceXplosion, Dance Jam, Strive For Change Lifestyle (ESDR), and Dance To Inspire Competition. Jeff continues to grow and learn by continuing to take class and battle in different communities, as well as research and learn from places all of the world! Trying to make the wrold a better place through his passion, love, and Art.