We're PROUD of Announcing our 8th Season of Auditions for The Expressive Movement! We are taking this Season with a WHOLE new different approach! SO we NEED responsible, accountable, competent, passionate Dancers/Students/Choreographers/ARTISTS!


This is your shot to be a part of the company. Recieving not only all the perks such discounted classes/workshops and more, but a chance to train, travel, perform, share, and meet other Artists. Most importantly being a part of the family we have had striving strong for years!


MOST IMPORTANTLY, We are looking for experienced, strong, hardworking, dedicated, responsible and WELL ROUNDED dancers (having numerous styles and technique under their belt is a plus). You must also work well with others to be a part of this FAMILY, becasue thats what we are. You must have years of training as well as knowledge of your style or movement; Must be Willing to grow, inspire, train and work hard; help yourself as well as this team to inspire each community in our area (New England as we have and other countries, and soon THE WORLD). Highly recommended that you are to travel in and outside of state as well as the COUNTRY! If you have no moral to help/or Share with the company and the world we live in with our Art then this is NOT for you. You will be essential to this company, as well as throughout the season.


...We will not release future information until further notice (Most likely when you have been accepted and offered to be a part of the company). If you're curious then see what we've completed and have done in the past. Then make your assumption, but a lot of the time we end up doing something different. :)


Come to either Audition or take class! Either way you will be a part of the entire experience!

So just come and share your love of dance with us! ♥






Cost: $15 (Cash / Cash app / Paypal )



Attitudes Dance & Fitness

900 Technology dr, Billerica, MA

**Must be there ON TIME to register; Audition begins on the dot!**


What might help you: bringing a Resume, Water


Bring your EM-Game!