Hello Lovely Ladies and Gentlemen!

What we have here is our call backs list. But we have good news and bad news. Bad news is, if your name is on the list then you have to go through an evaluation. Good news is, since your name IS on the list then you are hereby OFFICIALLY a part of The Expressive Movement company! This list consists of humans/dancers we would like to see on the date of 11/09/2018 for rehearsal 7:00- 10pm at  (where Auditions were located: 900 Technology dr. Billerica, MA). If your name is on the list below be prepared to, Dance, and be interviewed and more. We will speak of the next steps….This is only the beginning…IF you'd like to come back for call backs, please confirm by EMAILING US ONLY: NO LATER THEN November 7th, 2018!

And if you’re not on the list, we REALLY appreciate you for coming to dance and vibe, and experience the beautiful moments we all had to share with each other. BUT this is NOT over. We are ALWAYS having classes, and having certain events, please pay close mind to our media page as we will post all that is going on! Just because you did not make the company does NOT mean you’re not a part of this MOVEMENT. We are a MOVEMENT, meant to share and exchange with everyone. Don’t be discouraged, and let this motivate you to push even harder. For all you know, this could just be the beginning of the journey for some you... If you would like feedback in regard of your audition please do not hesitate to ask! Email us ( ! Thank you again, and we will most likely see you soon!

Call-backs List:

Alina Hyrtsenko

Yashira Maysonet

Nalyn Yim

Khaalid Hart

Adam Wertheimer

Justin Sokun

Jordyn Porter

Darian Wallace

Artem Kozhevin

Makeda Samuels

Kandii Bailey

Grace Njogu

Stefany Cobb

Andy Jacques

Lorae Wegner


Jeff jean-philippe