We Are A Movement of Expression guiding others to challenge perspectives and ideas through and beyond dance.

To dismiss barriers that keep people separate, we invite our community to embrace vulnerability, open heartedness, and presence, so we are not two entities, but an entire movement.

The Expressive Movement (EM) creates a space where people can dare to face their deepest truths and find their own voice. By presenting original works, providing community workshops and events, and creating contagious energy, we empower people to dance from a place of love, so they can carry this love with them in all forums of life. In order to provide keys for our community to unlock their own potential and purpose, it is important to us that we stimulate their spirits and minds. Our ultimate goal being an everlasting sense of fulfillment...making the world a better place one heart, human, and community at a time.

EM is a dance company based in Massachusetts. The company has performed all over New England, Canada and Spain for the "Barcelona Jazz Music Festival". Now an internationally touring company, The Expressive Movement delivered their first tour, “Within A Dancer’s Mind” in 2018. Due to the excitement and success from the previous tour, The Expressive Movement produced another tour in 2019, "Let's Talk About It". This tour showcased challenging topics that are crucial to recognize and address, yet are downplayed in the modern world. These ideas open audience members’ minds to various perspectives. EM has also performed at various World of Dance showcases, Static Noyze's "Noyze", "Dance 4 Peace" against domestic violence, and provides a monthly series of workshops bringing local and international teachers and choreographers to the dance community. EM hosts galas, battles, open-mics, and get togethers at local restaurants that are open to everyone and anyone interested in being a part of a communal setting. Lastly, EM has taken part in donating canned goods, feminine products, and clothing to local charities in Lowell, MA.  


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