EM Performers:

 Nalyn Yim is a dancer and choreographer from Lawrence, MA. She spent her childhood navigating her way through the performing arts, from learning to play violin to exploring musical theatre. Nalyn's dance journey truly began when she was hired as the first dance instructor at the Youth Development Organization (YDO) in her hometown. In 2014, she joined the Hip Hop Culture Organization (HHCO) at UMass Amherst, where she eventually served as President. During her involvement with the student run organization, she coordinated workshops, taught choreography, and helped found and direct HHCO's first performance team, 5:Dirty Crew. Since returning to the Boston area, Nalyn has danced with several groups, including InnerMission, Project AB, The Expressive Movement (Season 7) and other individual artists.

Nalyn Yim

Performance Team

If you ask her why she dances, she will answer: Why do I breathe, eat or sleep? Dance is the oxygen for her soul.

Originally from Kiev, Ukraine, Alina began her professional dance career in her teenage years. Dance was a place where she felt so much life. She tried many styles in search for something more meaningful than just repetitive moves. Hip Hop was the style that helped her learn about culture, herself, and others. Her mentor, Nastya, gave her strong fundamentals in Hip Hop and from there Alina grew.

During her high school years, she worked in a kindergarten and taught basic dance moves to children. While in college,  Alina participated in many activities including founding a Hip Hop group as well as working as a supervisor and choreographer at the “Akkord” summer camp where she staged 6 to 8 concerts every season for two years. Alina was studying to become a Japanese to English interpreter in college, but the universe brought her to the USA in pursuit of her dance career.

Moving to Boston, MA, Alina worked as a dance instructor at the Star Dance School, Lawrence Elementary School, Jeannette Neil Dance Studio, and Legacy Dance Studio LLC, here in Boston. Currently, Alina teaches feminine based dance classes at Star Dance School.

Alina has always been a freestyler first. She travels around the states to take classes from internationally renowned teachers and participates in various dance contests, festivals and battles. Alina stays open to learning, meeting new people and sharing her love to dance. Being a part of The Expressive Movement for the past two seasons, Alina has honed herself as a dancer and human and is ready to pursue another season of growth.

Alina Hrystenko

Performance Team

Justin credits two companies for his growth as a human and artist: Strive For Change Lifestyle and The Expressive Movement (EM). Justin has been representing and dancing with SFC's “Inner Mission” and EM for five years of his dance career.


Justin also performed and choreographed in EM’s 2018 Tour, “Within A Dancers’ Mind” and 2019 Tour, "Let's Talk About It". Justin has been teaching and performing in a variety of areas ranging from New England to New York City to Pennsylvania to Montreal, Canada and Barcelona, Spain.


Justin has also been a back-up dancer for artists like Jeffrey Eli Miller, Michael Constantino, Inas Alawam, Connor Street and Ryan Duby. Justin also has experience choreographing and creating short concept videos.


In addition to his dance career, Justin’s interests have expanded to acting, modeling, fitness, music, and gymnastics. In his words:


My education is from life itself and my career choice is to become my best version.

If I can live, love, inspire, and  forgive day by day, then I am the richest being in the world.


Justin is ready for the challenges and growth that life has for him.

Justin Sokin


Andy is a passionate, motivated and explorative dancer born in Montreal, Canada. At the age of 12, Andy was influenced and inspired by dance videos and dancers within his family. Starting out self-taught, throughout his youth, Andy engaged in hip hop, dancehall and krump. He took his practice into his own hands by dancing wherever and whenever he had the chance. Andy attended University of Massachusetts Lowell where he received his bachelor degree in Biology with a minor in Psychology. It was in 2016 that he joined UML’s ProtoHype where he began to explore his artistry in choreography and experiencing different styles of dance. At this time, Andy took full advantage of workshops in the community. This eventually led him to grow an interest in teaching. Andy began teaching workshops for ProtoHype, as well as working in Lawrence public school outreach program, “The Community Group.” He also taught at Izizwe Dance Studio. This all contributed to his desire to train and educate young children in dance. In 2017, in his strive for growth, Andy joined a dance company, Mill Advised. There, he was able to train and work on technique, as well as perform in “Dance 4 Peace”, “Protocol”, “Prelude New England”, and “Strive For Change”. Now, Andy is the Co-Director and choreographer of the crew, “Mill Advised”. 

 In Andy’s training and experiences, he continued to search for more fulfillment. In 2017, he watched The Expressive Movement perform, and instantly felt an attraction toward their practices and philosophies. This is his second season with the EM family. Using skills acquired last season and going on tour with the team, Andy is looking to apply this to his current season with EM. Andy is gaining from new training, practices, and perspectives. He is excited to explore more of his newly found teachings and holistic approach to dance as a lifestyle, meeting new people in the dance community and broaden his experiences. EM is a family that Andy is proud to be a part of and looks forward to a future with them.

Andy Jacques


For Stefany, art has always had a key to her imagination. Beginning her technical dance training at the young age of 3, she feels her passion spiritually blossomed for this beautiful artform just a few years ago. Dance is not only movement to her, but a sense of healing, growing and sharing...and what is more beautiful than that?

Stefany continues to further her training in both classical and street dance styles. You will consistently find her traveling and expanding her knowledge through classes, sessions, battles and balls, in styles such as contemporary, temphopical, jazz, hip-hop, krump, vogue and waacking. Most recently attending Barcelona Jazz Festival (Barcelona, Spain), Domaine Forget (Quebec, CA), The Block Party (Boulder, CO), Stackin’Stylez (Boston, MA) and Raw:Stellar (Boston, MA). Stefany is also a Company member with Dance Prism and The New England House of Mulan. Knowing this artform is something the world needs more of, Stefany teaches youth classes throughout New England as well as holds weekly intermediate open classes at StyleMe dance studio in Allston, MA. 

Having a love for not only art, but for the way that our beautiful bodies function, Stefany is also a Licensed Massage Therapist. Her studies have been a key factor in understanding healthy ways to move her body as well as help guide her students and fellow dancers through proper alignment. Promoting self-care in the dance community is simply a quality of her personality. Nobody is really surprised when they look over to see her giving a quick shoulder massage mid-rehearsal. Alongside dancing and movement studies, Stefany also partakes in creating, promoting and sharing media content for The Expressive Movement’s marketing team.

Enjoying her journey of being an international performer and choreographer with The Expressive Movement Season 6 and 7 has been the experience of a lifetime and leaves her curious and hungry for what else the universe has in mind for her in Season 8!

Stefany Cobb


Lorae Wegner is an international touring dancer with The Expressive Movement Dance Company Season 6 and 7, choreographer, and dance instructor. With a background in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Horton, and Lyrical, she brings versatility. Lorae grew up in a competitive dance environment and now studies Dance and Arts and Entertainment at Dean

College. As a current dance major at Dean College, she has performed with the Hip Hop team, “Synergy” and Step team, in various selective shows, and has studied Modern Dance extensively at Roger Williams College. In 2017,


In The Expressive Movement, she studied and trained in Hip Hop, Temphopical, and Contemporary. Lorae continues to branch out by teaching at local studios, taking classes in the Boston dance community, and attending art presenting conferences to understand the arts industry. In addition, she travels internationally and learns from diverse teachers and choreographers, furthering her education. 


Lorae believes in supporting local artists by taking their classes; she aspires to use her Arts and Entertainment Management degree to help local artists have a lucrative career in their unique art forms. Lorae’s passion for dance is contagious; in her journey with The Expressive Movement and Hyperbolic Chamber, Lorae has learned about the healing qualities of dance and how her quality of being in her life affects her quality of dancing. Her philosophy of dance encompasses the whole person, emphasizing awareness of our energy and how it influences ourselves and others. She believes in the power of a supportive community to help artists move beyond self-imposed barriers to reach new levels of being and foster a love for art, the world and ourselves. Lorae feels immense gratitude for all the connections and opportunities in her career thus far.

Lorae Wegner


Adam was born and raised in Boston and has been dancing his whole life. He was first inspired to dance by his grandfather.  He would watch him tap dance and knew from those instances that he wanted to pursue dance. At the age of 6, Adam started studying ballet, tap, jazz, modern, contemporary and hip-hop at Mass Motion Dance directed by Irada Djelassi and Terri Gordon. Over the years, he has added other styles of dance like African, Haitian, and Latin movement into his repertoire. As a teen, he joined StreetHype and StreetPunX, both directed by Tony Tucker. Adam is a sophomore at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, studying Exercise Science with a minor in Disability Studies, aspiring to become a Physical or Occupational Therapist. While in Lowell, he has been a part of Mill Advised, directed by Andy Jacques and Tevin Yi. Adam is also a part of UMass Lowell’s Urban Choreography club, Protohype, as well as the Breaking club, and Tech Styles Crew. Adam is excited for his first season with the Expressive Movement and cannot wait to explore his deep passion for dance with fellow members and the greater community.

Adam Wertheimer


Grace Njogu has always had a love for dance but it grew when joining her first dance crew, ADAM project, during her senior year of high School. As a member of this crew, she was given performance opportunities in the city of Lowell, including Dance 4 Peace. Later on she  joined Mill Advised where she trained and expanded her knowledge with various dance techniques and styles. Grace has also had the opportunity to perform at a summer intensive with InnerMission Crew, where she furthered her training and performance experience.

Grace dances because she is able to express things that words cannot describe. This is why she loves freestyling in styles such as Afro, Hip Hop and Temphopical. In these forms, Grace has grown immensely and fallen in love with the artform of dance.

Currently, Grace is a part of UMass Lowell’s Protohype Crew, where she has choreographed as well as taken diverse workshops. This year Grace has had the joy of training with The Expressive Movement where she advances herself as a dancer and human. Being a part of The Expressive Movement this season gives Grace joy and she cannot wait for what this season has to offer.

Grace Njogu


    Khaalid Hart is a New Hampshire based dancer and choreographer best known for his athletic and fluid approach to dance. In 2015, Khaalid started dancing with his high school’s show choir “Shockwave”, and also founded the New Hampshire based dance team “Re:Dacted”in 2016. Khaalid takes classes in the Boston Community at Green Street to train in Hip hop and other dance styles. Khaalid also has interests in script writing, filming and producing. Khaalid started filming music videos as a teen and is currently script writing for “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Khaalid is  currently training with the Expressive Movement learning and expanding his art. Khaalid is thrilled to join The Expressive Movement in their 7th season.

Khaalid Hart


    Since the age of 10 Arterm has been immersed in different cultures of the dance world. Starting his journey in Khiev, Ukraine at Todes studio, Arterm received technical training for styles such as Hip Hop, House and Locking, as well as general performance and stage skills. At the age of 16, he decided to delve deeper into the dance world by focusing on cultural aspects of dance in the Ukrainian dance scene. By garnering great interest in dance battles, Arterm pursued workshops from pioneers of dance styles, enhancing his understanding of himself as a dancer. 


Another defining moment  in Arterm’s life was when he came to the US for college and witnessed the origin of many dance styles; the birthplace of styles he loves so much. Since his move to the U.S., Arterm has danced with multiple companies and crews, such as The Expressive Movement, Inner Mission, and Protohype. In the U.S., Arterm has engulfed dance styles like Popping, Breaking and Krump. Arterm is ready for the opportunities that this season of The Expressive Movement has to offer.

Arterm Kozhevin


Darian Wallace is 28 year old artist and entrepreneur. Dancing since he could walk, Darian was a self taught Hip Hop dancer. Darian joined a studio when turning 20 years old and fell in love with the community. Soon after, he became a dance teacher and has been teaching dance studios in Rhode Island and New England ever since. Darian has a passion for performing as he has been a back up dancer and choreographer for Rhode Island singers and continues to push himself as an artist whether it is classes or conventions. Darian strives towards growth whenever the opportunity presents itself. This idea of constantly bettering himself and staying inspired sprung his creation of his clothing line, called “Inspired Apparel.” This line is a constant reminder that no matter who you are or what you do, we have the ability to stay inspired to wake up everyday and go after what you want most out of this life.

Darian Wallace