D'Jeffrey Jean-Philippe

Founder and Artistic Director

           Jeff, as a versatile artist, is one of New England’s premier Hip-Hop dancers, educators and choreographers. Originally from Montreal, Quebec, Jeff grew up traveling and experiencing diverse cultures. First educated at Dean College for Criminal Justice with a minor in dance, he then graduated at Plymouth State University. In college Jeff fell in-love with dance and decided to adopt as much knowledge as he could by taking advantage of every opportunity from classes, workshops, auditions, and companies. As developed and discovered himself, Jeff felt compelled to create a family oriented group to travel, perform and grow with. In 2012, Jeff took this aspiration and gave it life; with the help of his former friend, Jocelyn Smith. They created a series of workshops in search of dancers to join their group: The Expressive Movement. Jeff feels he succeeds because he is willing to learn from his failures and immediately try again. 


           Jeff’s’ passion for dance expanded while studying with America’s top, original, Hip- Hop teachers, including: Super Dave, Jamar Hopkins, Brian “Footwork” Green and Henry Link. Jeff has trained in many styles, including: hip hop (as well as the culture of hip hop), dancehall, break-dancing, Chicago footwork, house, popping, locking, whacking, Afro-house, Krump, ballet and contemporary. Jeff, by exploring different styles, has discovered his passion is not restricted to any specific type of dance but is fascinated with movement in general.


​          Jeff’s high-energy and self-evolving classes strongly focuses on Hip-Hop technique and Contemporary elements inspired by Gaga movement; the Gaga technique is the influence for a style which Jeff coined,“Temphopical” (pronounced: Temp-hop-ickle; the fusion of contemporary, hip hop and lyrical). Temphopical focuses not only on superficial choreography, but also the breathing between each moment, the intention behind every movement, and the meaning gathered by the feeling or energy exuded.


​           As an innovator Jeff recently developed "Kimpada", which is a ballroom/partner dance related to other Caribbean and Latin styles like Bachata, Salsa, Pasada, Kizomba Lindy-hop and Swing. Focusing on partner work, dancers become united. Kimpada is unique as it breaks the tradition of only males leading the dance and allows women to also direct the movement.


           Jeff continues to teach classes at studios, workshops, conventions and colleges throughout the United States and internationally as well. In addition to teaching, Jeff has judged at competitions such as Nexstar and Step Up to Dance. Jeff’s extensive performance career includes working with numerous Boston based dance companies, appearances in commercials (such as Twix, Skippy Peanut Butter, Nestle Inc., Nerf and iTunes) and Television shows (SYTYCD season 12, top 30).


          Career Highlights: The Nutcracker and Hairspray, and back-up dancer for Ryan Lewis, Macklemore, and Jillian Jensen. 


            Jeff inspires dancers by teaching at Nexstar, Sophisticated Productions, DanceXplosion, Dance Jam, Strive For Change Lifestyle (ESDR) conventions, and Dance To Inspire Competition. He continues to grow and learn by taking classes, battling in different communities, and conducting research by traveling to original sources worldwide! 


             Jeff’s ultimate goal in growing and evolving The Expressive Movement is to make the world a better place with his passion, love, and art, one heart and mind at a time.

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Kristin Wagner

Development Director

Creator, Founder, and Director of Lady BOS Productions, Kristin Wagner is a dance performer, choreographer, educator, and administrator passionate about creating space and opportunity for artists to make and share dynamic, evocative, compelling dance works. Having graduated Summa Cum Laudefrom Boston University with B.S. in Hospitality Administration, Kristin left a burgeoning career in Finance at the Four Seasons Hotel Boston in favor of a life filled to the brim with art. For the past six years, Kristin has enjoyed translating her skills in finance, accounting, and operational management within the field of dance at such organizations as The Dance Complex, Boston Moving Arts Productions, and Dance Paws LLC. In 2018, following the success of her first self-produced dance theater concert ...that’s what she said, Kristin created Lady BOS Productions in an effort to provide low- or no-cost consulting to grassroots dance companies while increasing educational and performance opportunities for independent dance artists.


As a performance artist, Kristin has had the honor of performing at Jazz at Lincoln Center, the Boston Center for the Arts, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, and Jordan Hall, among others. She has been dancing with KAIROS Dance Theater since 2012, currently serves as principal dancer and rehearsal director for the company. Kristin also performs with Brian Feigenbaum and Peter DiMuro/Public Displays of Motion, and creates duets with partner Tony Guglietti. Kristin has presented choreography at the Salem Arts Festival, Boston University, The Dance Complex, Tufts University, Harvard University, AS220 and the Boston Center for the Arts. She is on teaching faculty in a variety of studio settings ranging from recreational to pre-professional and adult, including the New England Conservatory, Wilmington Dance Academy, and Koltun Ballet Boston.

Kristin Wagner Headshot by Timothy Avery
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Lorae Wegner

Development Team

Lorae Wegner is an international touring dancer with The Expressive Movement Dance Company Season 6 and 7, choreographer, and dance instructor. Lorae is currently a part of EM season 8 as well as a full time student at Dean College. Lorae plans to graduate in May 2020 with a BA in Dance Studies and BA in Arts and Entertainment Management.


In The Expressive Movement, she studied and trained in Hip Hop, Temphopical, and Contemporary. Lorae continues to branch out by teaching at local studios, taking classes in the Boston dance community, and attending art presenting conferences to understand the arts industry. In addition, she travels internationally and learns from diverse teachers and choreographers, furthering her education. 


Lorae believes in supporting local artists by taking their classes; she aspires to use her Arts and Entertainment Management degree to help local artists have a lucrative career in their unique art forms. Lorae’s passion for dance is contagious; in her journey with The Expressive Movement and Hyperbolic Chamber, Lorae has learned about the healing qualities of dance and how her quality of being effects everything she encounters. Her philosophy of dance encompasses the whole person, emphasizing awareness of energy and how it influences ourselves and others. She believes in the power of a supportive community to help artists move beyond self-imposed barriers to reach new levels of being and foster a love for art, the world and ourselves. Lorae is excited to further opportunities and new relationships for EM!

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Stefany Cobb

Social Media Team Manager

Stefany Cobb is an internationally traveling dancer and choreographer. She finds beauty in the art of not only performing, but also learning, educating, and exchanging in the community. Having the opportunity to travel with dance, social media has become a huge base of maintaining connections through physical distance. With all of the resources available, photos, videos and messaging has been a great way to stay connected and build new relations throughout. Whether it is to connect through a dance video, or simply share a laugh, Stefany is excited to continue connecting, creating, promoting and sharing social media content for The Expressive Movement’s Season 8!

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Michael Shea


Michael Blouin Shea is a full time cinematographer and filmmaker that is affiliated with The Expressive Movement. He was a member, dancer, and choreographer in EM for seasons 4 and 5. With over a decade of experience in dance, he has made the transition to indulge in his first passion. Michael is claims many roles as an artist, a photographer, a dancer, and a filmmaker, but is first and foremost, a storyteller. Michael has studied cinema for most of his life and has been pursuing it as a full-time career since 2016. Michael has been immersed in the Boston Hip Hop and artist culture, working with independent actors, dancers, and musicians to create dance videos, music videos, short films, documentaries, and many other projects.


Michael believes in the power of a story-telling. Stories shape the character of everyone you come across. Michael uses the medium of film and cinema to create captivating images that evoke emotion out of audiences. After a brief hiatus with EM, he is back, revitalized, and ready to capture EM's journey going forward.

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Vattana Thach

Advisory Committee Member


I am someone who believes everyone is good enough. Through self-love, I have been able to accept people for who they are and not judge them for what they have done.

I am imperfect, but that's what keeps me going. I dream big and I fail a lot. My successes serve as stepping stones to the next chapter. I regret absolutely nothing in my life. The law of attraction is my code. "Why" is my favorite question.

What I do


I see life as a game and I choose to play using empathy, patience, honesty, and self-awareness. I choose to be vulnerable with people because that is how bridges are built.

I love listening to people's stories. I'm obsessed with bringing value into people's lives. For work, I dabble in dance, marketing, event organizing, content creation, and driving.



With self-awareness came perspective. Perspective has shown me that I have it good while many others do not. On my journey, I learned that the biggest illusion of this world is that we see everything as separate.

When in actuality we are all one; all parts of the same whole. If I can help people become self-aware, self-loving, and empathetic then they will learn how to overcome and more importantly, not be consumed by their own struggles.

They will learn how to trade their time with people who need it. I feel that we have a responsibility to each other.

For those who were dealt a bad hand and have the odds really stacked against them. For those who flirt with death every day, I see you, I hear you, and I feel you.

I do not take my life for granted. My trials and tribulations are not in vain. I hope I can inspire you to not give up. One day I want to be able to give you whatever resources you need so you have a chance to thrive and prosper.

No one deserves to suffer the way that you do. My "why" is why I wake up every morning, you are my "why". You have my love. One love.

Vattana headshot (covered face ahah).jpg
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