Here's an old video that we dropped a few years ago...Just showing some love and having others join in on the fun and the movement! This movement is not confined to certain people; it is open to all hard-working, passionate dancers that are inspired and want to inspire others as well, making a positive difference in the world- Starting with one eye, one heart, and one move. We are the ones that motivate, push, and drive to help achieve the goals we want to achieve. :) Hope you all enjoy the video! Thank you to Revolution Dance Academy for letting us use the space!!


Song: Whats Hatnnin by: Justitn Bieber ft. Future.


Choreography: Jeff Jean Philippe @jeffphilippe @d_jeffjp


Dancers: Jeff Jean Philippe Shaniece Cooper Vattana Thach Josh Velazquez Mackenzie Bednarek Brendan Fasley Anthony Garcia Tony Geronimo


~Inspire The heart & Share The Talent~

Our Latest video! This video is just a little something we decided to put together for fun, but its the ending that you will have wondering what's next...Just wait and see and you'll catch the rest with real deal performance in our LIVE show in 2018!

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